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By periodic screening we can discover periodontitis at an early stage.

Periodontitus is caused by a combination of various factors: heredity, specific germs and individual habits (for. ex. smoking).
The first step for elimination of the inflammation is in attaining a reduction of bacteria in periodontal pockets by meticulous cleaning. The second step is continuing with aftercare therapy which depends on the extent of the individual infection.


We can replace missing teeth with implants—they feel just like the real thing!

My experience in implantology leads me to apply only fully perfected concepts and high quality systems. Even in the case of complicated bone situations implants are a workable solution. To achieve this my know-how in bone regeneration (for ex. in the sinus cavity) is indispensable.
State-of-the-art technology such as three-dimensional X-ray diagnostics (DVT- digital volume tomography) and computer-assisted 3D planning allow comprehensive planning reliability even in complex situations.


We apply endodontics when the “nerve” of the tooth is inflamed.

To attain an optimal result we rely on technically perfected equipment (microscope, torque-controlled motor, flexible nickel-titanium instruments, electrometry) and apply special filling techniques (vertical condensation, adhesive fiber-glass pens).

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