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Prevention is a top priority because we want to keep your teeth in excellent shape.

  • Screening examinations (periodontitis, cavities)
  • Professional dental cleaning (prophylaxis)
  • Periodontal recall (follow-up care)
  • Child and adolescent
Specially trained personnel (prophylaxis technicians, dental hygienists) support me, assuring careful and agreeable treatment.

Dental retention

For three generations the preservation of teeth has been our high priority.

We apply an enamel-colored composite that is mounted with an adhesive to replace only the “defective” area of the tooth. Inlays, onlays and dental crowns of durable material (gold, ceramics) are custom-made to fit in the dental lab. With the aid of a documentary photo system we can integrate the two surfaces so as to be indistinguishable.
With the modern methods of endodontics (root canal treatment) we can even preserve teeth with a damaged nerve over a long period of time .
Our professional periodontitis therapy eradicates the inflammation and ultimately secures the tooth’s anchorage.

Dental Prothesis (Tooth Replacement)

Teeth lost can be replaced with bridgework or implantations.

The potential for configuring tooth replacement is nearly endless. Together with you we choose the individual and most fitting solution for your situation: titanium implantations or gold and ceramic or full ceramic bridges, removable or permanent.
We have been cooperating for a long time with a local certified dental lab in the field of custom-made dental work. Team work and exact consultations lead to long-lasting and esthetically pleasing outcomes of the highest quality.


Basically every dental procedure should meet the highest esthetic demands.

We can offer you the whole spectrum of bleaching, esthetic dental expansion, minor position corrections by application of special composites (complex layering) and enhancement of the tooth surface, for ex. by use of veneers.
My special training in periodontology and implantology allows me with the help of magnification and precision instruments to make minor corrections on the gums, for ex. to replace lost gingiva and optimize the esthetic appearance.

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